Annica Springmann in bavarian Dirndl

About me

Hello, my name is Annica Springmann. There's no point talking around it, I'm a tranny, a transvestite or even a crossdresser, but you've probably already noticed that. I am the woman from "next door", 47 years old and a native Swabian girl from Esslingen, Germany. I enjoy crossing the border between genders temporarily and visually. I do not need a real stage that would certainly limit me. I am traditionally conservative, sometimes casual, sometimes surprisingly funky, full of crazy dreams and always looking for happiness or just for the next vanilla ice cream. As a graduate industrial engineer, I work as an IT expert in management and deal daily with IT security, virtual infrastructures, network storage, server infrastructures, databases and service management. My balance to all this, I find in my female age ego, as an artist, blogger, trans photo model, presenter, mentor, author, photographer or even as a karate girl.

Everything started in 1989 through my girlfriend. What was intended as a gag for the disco went completely out of control quickly. I could not get rid of the spirits we called together back then. I enjoy crossing the border between genders temporarily and purely visually and uncovering the many female secrets. After very great self-doubt, I eventually found myself and accepted my unusual female alter ego. A great help to me was the wonderful Elli Hunter and the great Elli Girls Community. My female alter ego now makes me a better and happier person. At first, this passion was just a hobby or rather a pure pastime. Today, after more than 25 years, it is a very important part of my personality. I love what I do and feel very honored by the extremely positive response I receive from other people.

Maybe one or the other has already noticed - I write here of me solely in the female form. Annica Springmann is just a part of my personality and even if I'm not a real woman, everything else would not fit and would probably look pretty stupid.