Improve camouflage

A pair of glasses can be a fashion statement and an important female accessory that completes a successful, feminine styling wonderfully. Whether drop, butterfly or trapezoidal, round, angular or oval - the main thing is that the shape sits perfectly on the nose and, ideally, effeminate our face.

Experience in the emergency room

Yes, it's true - I've had a very stupid thing happening. By a reckless carelessness, I had injured my hand.

Help my partner is a transvestite!

Translated with google translate!

So what? What does that change? It's still the same person you fell in love with! Vagen estimates that about five percent of men are transvestites. In Germany nearly 40 million men lived at the end of 2014. This means that there are around two million shemale in Germany alone. Although this passion usually takes place in secret, it is, as you can see from the numbers, really widespread. Maybe the boss, the best friend, the brother or even the father is a tranny, without the slightest idea.

The exciting step outside the door

What's the use of the most beautiful outfit, the best shoes and that you can do makeup incredibly well, if you do not present the result of your efforts? It is in the nature of things that everyone of us is incredibly hard at first, and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to take the step outside. Behind the make-up and the fabric is a person with a vulnerable soul and of course nobody wants to be laughed at or even insulted.


About Annica

Annica Springmann from Esslingen/Germany is the creative head behind Female Copy. Today, the native Swabian girl lives in the sunny Südpfalz/Germany and besides her activities as a transgender model, photographer, mentor and author, the graduate industrial engineer works as an IT expert in management. With her website, blog, and social profiles, she wants to encourage others to live their lives the way it makes them happy, share her experiences, and wants to clean up one or the other prejudice.

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