Annica Springmann with glasses and with contact lenses

Improve camouflage

A pair of glasses can be a fashion statement and an important female accessory that completes a successful, feminine styling wonderfully. Whether drop, butterfly or trapezoidal, round, angular or oval - the main thing is that the shape sits perfectly on the nose and, ideally, effeminate our face.

A boring, telltaling male glasses can certainly be used during the first, secret and private transformations, in the own four walls or on the nightly excursions to lonely, deserted places. I need a glasses too. Because for a long time I did not dare the optician to show me a beautiful, matching to my face women's frame, I have made it inevitably many years differently. I used to wear my everyday glasses on my secret, nocturnal excursions, but never had a good feeling doing it. But at the latest, if one dares as a "woman" publicly among the people, but then the male variant is obsolete.

For lack of alternatives, I had to get the first female glasses on prescription from an optician on site. At that time I was still very embarrassed by this ominous Annica Springmann and so I came up with one of these dorky stories for the saleswoman, which one likes to invent so as not to be identified as a fetishist or a pervert. We "women" know that until you have found the perfect, fitting object of desire, you may have to search, try and be patient for a long time. However, while choosing the well-attended store, I was much more concerned with my obstructive shame than finding the right pair of glasses for my style. Without a fitting and so, without that I really could have judged, I bought much too hastily my first lady's glasses. Fortunately, you do not have to think up a silly story anymore, because in the meantime, a few online retailers have established themselves in this market segment. As a second attempt, I ordered three glasses to choose from and selected a great model calmly in front of my own mirror. If you have the courage and the routine to be advised in the women's role in the specialty store and pick a pretty, matching women's glasses, then this is also a wonderful experience. Of course Annica Springmann visits an optician personally nowadays and is always served very well and friendly. So it works without you having to be ashamed.

At some point it came after all, how it had to come and what we feared terribly. On one of my public tours, hundreds of miles away from my center of life, in a short period of time several times, I met people with whom I have to do privately or professionally very closely . One of those unwanted, nerve-racking, scary encounters was with one of my best friends. Of course I was struck by the blow every time, but fortunately my secret was not revealed in any of these encounters. Eyewear is a very distinctive piece of equipment. Even with a female spectacle frame, the visual aid is overall very formative for the face. It sits treacherously, shining on her nose and gives, regardless of the frame, a terrible, visible reference to the identity of its wearer. Without the glasses, a face looks completely different and you have a completely different look. In order to increase my stealth. The solution I have found are: contact lenses.

There are daily lenses, weekly lenses, monthly lenses and annual lenses, which, as the name suggests, essentially differ by their maximum life span. Depending on the manufacturer, the wearing time of daily lenses is between 6 and 12 hours, after which they end up in the garbage. They do not require cleaning and do not require a container for storage. The other variants, you do not throw away at the end of the day, which means that you have to maintain and store them additionally. I myself so far use daily lenses, just because I want to save on my journey of discovery the annoying care. The wearing of the lenses is largely trouble-free after a short period of habituation. With increasing wearing time, these things are getting harder and thus more uncomfortable to wear, so the weekly or monthly lenses on long days, are perhaps the better choice. I will investigate this further. In case of an emergency , I still have a pair of glasses in my eyesight and in the summer additional sunglasses in my purse.

To be very clear, the use of contact lenses is of course not quite as easy as the use of glasses. It takes time to master the know-how for inserting and removing the lenses. In the beginning I needed 20 minutes to use the wet, slippery little things. However, as with all the things you do regularly, it gradually becomes routine. You can’t draw a perfect eyelid line right away, too.


About Annica

Annica Springmann from Esslingen/Germany is the creative head behind Female Copy. Today, the native Swabian girl lives in the sunny Südpfalz/Germany and besides her activities as a transgender model, photographer, mentor and author, the graduate industrial engineer works as an IT expert in management. With her website, blog, and social profiles, she wants to encourage others to live their lives the way it makes them happy, share her experiences, and wants to clean up one or the other prejudice.

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