As a woman among women - it works!

The exciting step outside the door

What's the use of the most beautiful outfit, the best shoes and that you can do makeup incredibly well, if you do not present the result of your efforts? It is in the nature of things that everyone of us is incredibly hard at first, and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to take the step outside. Behind the make-up and the fabric is a person with a vulnerable soul and of course nobody wants to be laughed at or even insulted.

To anticipate, stepping outside is not without risk. There are people with poor education and low intelligence who compensate for their own shortcomings by trampling on other people's dignity to make themselves feel better. Fortunately, such encounters are really rare.

Of course, one has to admit that only a few of us manage to adjust ourselves so that they can move in the role of the opposite sex completely unrecognized in public. For me the realization that no matter what effort I take to look like a woman, I'm not a woman, of course, but a tranny, helped a lot. Regardless of what I invest to avoid being recognized as a man in the dress, the people I meet will still notice the man behind it because I'm neither a real woman nor a transsexual. It was not until I accepted that I was able to participate with my own, very special female role in life.

In my experience, you can control your own behavior very well, the way people treat you. If you act friendly, open and self-confident and if you are dressed according to the occasion, you will also be taken seriously and treated completely normal and respectful. The more normal you are, the less other people take note of you. In general, I have the impression that the vast majority of people are mainly concerned with themselves anyway and are not interested in their fellow human beings.

If you have put tons of brightly colored make-up haphazardly on your face and walk claded like a "curb swallow" on a Saturday afternoon at busy times through busy streets, you do not have to be surprised if people point a finger at you, laugh at you and do not take you seriously.

In my experience, it takes time to get used to the world of women, and to make the appearance, attire and make-up consistent. For this reason, I recommend you slowly approaching going out and venture out only when you feel good and are completely sure that everything matches. Less is perhaps more in the first explorations of the female world in public. Even though a skirt and high heels are a nice thing, jeans and flat shoes for the first public appearances may be the better choice to first find yourself.

The more often you venture as a "woman" into the public, the easier and more normal it becomes. After some time, it is routine and you no longer bother with the things that previously gave you unbridled fear. It is also very helpful not to pay attention to the people around you and to dwangle along the street with a tunnel view.

Alone or in company?

In my experience at the beginning it is always better to go out in a small group rather than alone. On the one hand it is much funnier for two and on the other hand it gives you a certain psychological stability. The company of a sympathetic friend, regardless of whether she is a transvestite or a biological woman, provides tremendous security. Apart from that, you do not get so much into the focus of other people. If you do not have anyone in your personal environment to accompany you outside, or if you do not have the courage to trust someone who accompanies you, there are professional service providers who are happy to help you with your first steps outside.

Where can I go?

We live in a free country and therefore it does not really matter where you go. There are hardly any restrictions and you can go wherever women go. Places that women usually avoid should also be avoided. Certainly, each of his daughter would advise to avoid dark, lonely, deserted places at night and shady pubs necessarily. I would rather not recommend the ladies changing rooms of a gym, a sauna or shady pubs for understandable reasons. I myself have been to countless places. Restaurants, hotels, department stores, museums, theaters, cinemas, beauty salons, public transport, and yes even the stay in the ladies' room - everything is possible.

Those who are afraid of being recognized should not go out in their home environment. The danger of meeting someone you know well is many times greater than elsewhere. If you are then with your partner on the way, you are actually unmasked for understandable reasons. Therefore, it is worthwhile to get in the car and drive a few kilometers, but even if the probability is very low, you can meet everywhere someone who knows you. I know what I'm talking about because that's exactly what happened to me two hundred kilometers from my place of work or residence.

On the whole, I can only give courage to everyone and advise them to take part in life, because that is much easier than you think.


About Annica

Annica Springmann from Esslingen/Germany is the creative head behind Female Copy. Today, the native Swabian girl lives in the sunny Südpfalz/Germany and besides her activities as a transgender model, photographer, mentor and author, the graduate industrial engineer works as an IT expert in management. With her website, blog, and social profiles, she wants to encourage others to live their lives the way it makes them happy, share her experiences, and wants to clean up one or the other prejudice.

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