Human dignity is inviolable (german law)

Discovered, caught, unmasked! I know you!

Congratulations, if you have recognized me, then you have come after our family secret!

Presumably, you are now very surprised, because you had just never expected of me in life, that of all I am a tranny. Well, that was the point of the matter. Yes, I can not and I do not want to deny it, I still have the tools of action in my hands. It may be good that you are laughing at me now, as one usually does.

Look, it's true, I dare to do something that many other people do not dare to do. I live my life as I please and it makes me happy!

No, I'm not ashamed that I'm a tranny! Frankly, I'm even incredibly proud of being able to do something so special that other men can not or do not dare to do. I definitely do not hide (anymore). Why? I respect the law and do not harm anyone! However, I do not have to let anyone in on this pretty personal thing. Since I always meet stupid prejudices, I live just this secret double life. Not because of me, but to protect my family!

Nevertheless, I am still the same person! Still, I'm still the same buddy, colleague, neighbor or just friend! But before you make your sensational discovery public, please think about it and please do not trample on my human dignity!

Please be so good and do not make fun of me and my maybe (un)usual hobby behind my back. So much courage should you own already and I prefer to address it directly. I'm sure I'll be happy to tell you about it, and you'll see that I'm neither a different nor a worse person and less behind this than many expect. As sensational and spectacular as it looks at first glance, that's not all! Certainly, you also know one or the other tranny like me, without knowing it.