FAQs, or what you always want to know from me

Most people have never directly and consciously come into contact with this topic before. Often the information and images in the minds of the people come from the media. Not infrequently they use the usual polarizing stereotypes in favor of the quota.

Most people who come to see "Annica" for the first time are very surprised that in reality there are many things that are very different and understandably have a lot of questions. Here are a few facts about me and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Absolutely not! I have no sexual interest in men at all. Like many other transgender people, I am exclusively for women.

Nope, I'm not. My motivation is to enjoy the art of transformation, the change of perspective, the experiences in the world of women. It is the vacation from myself and the opportunity to escape from my everyday life for a short time and to live a completely different life. If I have spent a long time in the female role, then I am glad to be able to return to my usual male life again. Being a woman is exhausting, at least if you are not born a woman.

I do not need female hormones and possibly various painful medical interventions to lead a happy life.

This prejudice definitely does not apply to me either. For me, that has nothing to do with sexuality at all. It is a good and relaxing feeling when, especially after a long break, I can once again cross the gender line, but I do not lose weight when wearing female clothes.

If it was only for a sexual appeal, then I could do without the epilating, the wig, the silicone, the jewelry and whatever else is necessary for a realistic female appearance.

Yes it's true. Annica Springmann is part of my bourgeois identity and registered as an artist name in my german identity card.

Obviously, a bit, because the prejudices would probably be like a heavy burden on me and my family. We all know how stupid and cruel people can be and how some people like to strengthen their own self-esteem at the expense of others.

But most of all, I want to protect my family, so I'm really a pretty discreet lady. For more than 25 years now I have been following this hobby and nobody has revealed me yet.

All in all, I have to say it's my life and it's not really about any stranger to what I make of it. So I do not care what someone thinks of me that is not close to me. There is certainly worse in this world than a man in a dress!

Of course!

We have been a couple for over 20 years, have been living together for 17 years, and we got married 15 years ago. She learned about my secret double life before our marriage and she married me anyway.

Today I am convinced that you can not hide or hide such an important part of your personality permanently from your partner.

Amazed. She tolerates "Annica" as part of me.

When she met "Annica", she probably did not expect how proficientI have become in this craft meanwhile. I am a person who does not do things by halves, and an absolute perfectionist. Of course, I would like to keep improving myself. If I have caught fire for a bit, then I invest a lot of energy to achieve the best possible result. She now sees this "woman" as a threat and is probably even afraid of her. I assume that their fear is based on the fact that someday I might get the idea to cross another border. But with me this fear is completely unfounded.

That was already in 1998, and what can I say, involuntarily by a carelessness on my part.

When she returned from a business trip, during which I once again took advantage of her absence, I forgot all the clean-up stress to clear away some of "Annica's" stuff. I had no choice but to come out with the whole terrible truth. The timing was bad, because of course I was not prepared for it and because I had not yet found myself in this matter.

Yes. Apart from my wife, 14 other people can connect with me and my female alter ego. But only four of the 14 people know both the "woman" and the guy behind it personally.

Since I have extremely good and close friendships, I'm really sure that not a single one of my friends would ostracize for this hobby.

In the job, apart from the usual, cowardly, miserable whisper behind my back, I can not expect any negative consequences.

I do not need to be worried in my profession. I have a great and correct boss and also my direct manager is great. Both are very correct in these matters and I am very sure that my alter ego does not matter professionally. Most of my employees, whose boss I am, know about my double life for many years.

All in all, I have to say it's my life and it's not really about any stranger to what I make of it. I also do not care what someone think of me who is not close to me. That being said, there is certainly something worse in this world than a man in a dress!

To my surprise, extremely few. In over 25 years as the Annica Springman, there were only four situations in which other people openly displayed their poor upbringing and their low cognitive abilities.

Sure, of course! Of course! Life is playing outside! Everything else would be boring. I do not do all the effort to hide.

Why should I? I think there are a lot of people doing far worse things than using a little nylon, cotton, silicone and color pigments.

On the contrary, I am very proud that I have the courage to live my life as I please. A lot of people do not have that courage. Probably those are the ones who laugh the loudest.

No, my everyday life has a firm grip on me. The transformation is also always very complicated and this results in unfortunately much too few opportunities.

A very common question, which is asked me by men and I suspect why.

Usually no.

I do not meet with men at all!

This has already happened to others who follow this hobby and have style and level.


With curious women who want information about their partner's hobbies - why not?

Of course, I like to give you lots of advice (many you can find on this website), but I'm not a make-up artist and I do not offer a professional styling service for Transmädels! You need to have your make-up under control. If that does not work convincingly, then at this point my first advice to you - turn to a professional!

A professional styling service for transgender and also seminars can be found on Google.

I myself have had extremely good experiences with the enchanting, unique, impressive, cool Elli Hunter. Elli I can recommend without reservation and without hesitation. Just visit her website: www.frau-sein.de

Oh yeah! In all that time a very nice number comes together.

Sure, of course! Of course I too, out of fear and shame in front of myself and in front of other people, tried to stop this socially forbidden game. Although I fought like a lioness, this damned yet beloved "Annica" kept coming back to me. Of course, for a long time I regretted each of these wicked transformations bitterly because I did not understand what the whole thing should be. No matter what I did about it, this woman came and comes again and again.

HOf course, today I realize why quitting can not work. Of course, you can not easily part with such an important part of your personality.

I always have to smile knowingly when I hear about other Transmädels who decide to stop it altogether and throw away all their painstakingly collected treasures. What a waste! Let me tell you, it will not work!

More questions? Just to - just get started! Just write me a message via the contact form on my website.


About Annica

Annica Springmann from Esslingen/Germany is the creative head behind Female Copy. Today, the native Swabian girl lives in the sunny Südpfalz/Germany and besides her activities as a transgender model, photographer, mentor and author, the graduate industrial engineer works as an IT expert in management. With her website, blog, and social profiles, she wants to encourage others to live their lives the way it makes them happy, share her experiences, and wants to clean up one or the other prejudice.

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